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We are Dreamers, doers, designers, directors, and Detroiters.
We are New D Media Arts.

Our Work


    • Red Bull House of Art

      Red Bull House of Art

    • Pepsi Bioreactive Concert

      Pepsi Bioreactive Concert

    • A Night of Illusion

      A Night of Illusion



    • Let’s Play Ball!

      Let’s Play Ball!

    • Knowledge Is Power

      Knowledge Is Power


  • 3D Projection Mapping /
  • Motion Graphics /
  • 3D Animation /
  • Graphics Design /
  • Interactive /
  • Web & Social Media /
  • Video Production /
  • Experiential Walls /
  • Interactive Displays

About Us

New D Media Arts is a Detroit­-based team of visual artists who develop and implement various forms of light sculpture through projection mapping installations. With every new project, we hone our skills, build our toolset and gain experience in order to realize the tremendous potential this flexible and expressive new technology offers. The possibilities—in terms of entertainment, communication, interaction, and marketing—are truly unlimited.

Who We Are

At first a simple startup to manage the projection mapping and live mixing work of Gabriel Hall (aka VGer the VJ), New D Media Arts soon added the creative vision and technical skill of Daniel Land to achieve its multidimensional aspirations. With the support of other contributors, Hall and Land have received multiple commissions from 2010 through the present to provide custom projection mapping installations for many exciting largescale events around the country.

The Crew

Gabriel Hall

Founder / Director

Daniel Land

Creative Director

Sean Hodgson

Co-Founder / Animator


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